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CRM software solutions for MSME business

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MSME’s In India

When we look at India’s industrial and business growth we always think of the big conglomerates. However, the ground reality is that there are lacs of MSME’s in India which participate in the manufacture of low cost, efficient and market suitable products and services to take care of all the market price levels in the consumer market.

These MSME’s Micro-and-Small-Medium-Enterprises are the core of the business landscape in the country contributing to a huge chunk of the figures. They are located across cities and towns, with both rural and urban outreach and a flexible and customer oriented working structure.

Knowing that they are such an integral part of the business ecosystem, it’s only more essential that these MSME’s were internally structured to be more efficient and productive. The adaption of modern technological and digital mechanisms and their effective integration into the existing business practices of MSME’s is something that is the need of the hour.

CRM Software

One of the first steps into streamlining the business practices is to adapt a CRM system into the existing structure of the company.

Customer Relationship Management software solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
CRM software is like a digital backbone to the organization. The application of CRM is such a boon that it should not remain limited to Large organizations. In a Micro Small or Medium sized Enterprise, the importance of CRM software is signified with the fact that certain back end functions are taken care of, in automation with the existing data provided, with least dependency on manual inputs, so attention can be paid to the major front end Resource oriented functions by the Management.

Why should you use CRM?

Sales/Leads Management

All essential activities and business processes revolve around and begin with Sales. Therefore, the efficient management and tracking of potential customers/vendors who will contribute to the business and growth of the company is essential. CRM software allows to create, track and follow-up with potentially positive leads and thereby close deals with ease. Existing sales data helps in forecasting expected business for the coming month with more accuracy. Service standards are improved and there is no missed opportunity in tapping the potential market. Entire process from beginning to end is managed to ensure consistent service.

Task Scheduler

CRM software takes care of everyday Tasks, however big or small: Scheduling, Reminders, Meetings, Appointments, Field Calls, Follow-ups, Service Calls, Couriers, Visits etc. for every individual in the work cycle. It takes care of division of work, application of duties and overall time Management, having a positive effect on Productivity.

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is a way wherein it helps in decision making processes concerning your services. CRM helps in Profiling of customers for proper customer details management. Compilation of individual Customer Details; like contact (Number, Email, DOB),past orders, preferences and behavior helps in easier and customized approach like Email or SMS and customer relationship management thereby improving service standards.

Documentation Management

All the Relevant Files and Documents are generated at each step of daily business processes. Classification, bookmarking, indexing and storage of such documentation can be done easily with the help of CRM software. Easy and powerful search, recall and management/modification is possible. In short, it is an effective way of Record-keeping. If you are using spreadsheets, notepads, and other systems for tracking your data then the odds are high that you are going to lose it at some point. A web based CRM lets you effectively protect your data from being lost.

Social Media and Email Management

Social Media is a very powerful tool for the businesses to connect with their general consumer’s .With the help of social media management, CRM software tracks target customers and existing as well on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc providing insightful information like consumer trends, likes, choices and preferences. Email integration within the CRM system ensures rapid and quick personalized approach and communication.

Business Analytics

Analytics provide a birds-eye view as well as process specific visual data in terms of Business performance, comparative study and Statistical data for effective planning purposes. CRM software automatically collects data for analysis and helps in internally Streamlining the entire business process for increasing efficiency and productivity.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is perhaps one of the most precious software solution that any small and midsized businesses can implement. It is as vital as the people that are hired and will have a more significant effect long term than any one employee.

Small businesses may take favorable advantage of CRM software to increase their sales productivity.

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